Hangouts Officially End After November 2022

This year, Google announced that it would discontinue its Hangouts texting service. As a result, Google advises its customers to switch to Google Chat in Gmail or the app version of the service.

Replaces Hangouts with Google Chat

Google’s newest ‘Google Chat’ app will replace Hangouts for Workspace users in February 2022. It has now been announced that the previous Hangouts platform will be shut down in November 2022, transferring all present users to Google chat.

According to a Google blog post, hangouts will be shut down in November, and all desktop and mobile users will be urged to switch to Google Chat. To ensure that users may access their Hangouts chat data before the site is shut down, Google has made it possible for them to download all of their chat histories.

From now on, users of Hangouts on mobile will see an in-app prompt urging them to switch to Chat in Gmail or the Chat app. If you use the Hangouts Chrome extension, you will be directed to either change to Chat on the web or install the Chat web app. According to Google’s blog post, hangouts in Gmail will be replaced with Chat in Gmail starting in July.

Existing Customers

You will be prompted to switch to Google Chat or download the Chat web app if you already use Hangouts through an extension on your PC/desktop. After three weeks, Google recommends customers switch to ‘Chat’ in Gmail, as the company aims to begin transferring users who now use Hangouts in Gmail to ‘Chat’ in Gmail by July 2022. According to Google, Gmail and the Chat app are the only options for those who don’t want to give up their Hangouts mobile app access.

A month before the end of Hangouts’ web service, customers will still receive an in-product notification. Nonetheless, visitors to Hangouts web will be automatically redirected to Google Chat web after the official removal.the GChat family of services includes Google Hangouts, GChat, and the Google Chat

Google released hangouts in 2013 as a replacement for GChat (which is different than Google Chat). Gchat (formerly known as Google Talk) will be discontinued in June 2022. The new Google Chat appears to be Google’s latest effort to deliver a flawlessly integrated chat service across devices after Hangouts faced a similar problem later this year.

Almost two years ago, Google said it would phase down Hangouts and replace it with Chat. Workspace users began switching to Chat in July 2021, but those with personal Gmail accounts may continue to utilize Hangouts.

Shortly, Google plans to add more capabilities to the Chat. It is expected to have a direct calling, threaded conversations in Spaces, and the ability to exchange and see multiple photos. The corporation is also saying that Chat is superior to Hangouts when collaborating with other users.. Users may edit side-by-by-side documents in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, and the app incorporates Google Spaces, another hybrid app.

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